Standards exist in all the techniques of the RKC.

If you are an RKC (or HKC) ¬†and you are doing swings, they should meet this standard. The video above shows what it is supposed to look like (with the exception of my head turn to make sure Iwas till in frame, sorry about that). Video yourself and compare it to the standard written below. If something you are doing doesn’t match the standard THEN FIX IT. Especially if you are going to post a video of yourself swinging.

From the 2012 RKC Instructor Manual:

Task: Swing, one arm

Condition:Swing a snatch size kettlebell back between your legs and then in front of you up to the chest level for 10 repetitions.


1. The back is neutral. The neck is slightly extended or neutral on the bottom of theswing.

2. The heels, toes, and the balls of the feet are planted and the knees track the toes.

3. The working shoulder is packed.

4. The kettlebell handle passes above the knees during the backswing.

5. The working arm is straight in the bottom position.6. There is no forward knee movement (increasing ankle dorsiflexion) on the upswing.

7. The body forms a straight line on the top of the swing: the hips and knees extend fully, the spine is neutral.

8. The kettlebell forms an extension of the straight arm at the top of the swing.

9. The biomechanical breathing match.

10. The abs and glutes visibly contract at the top of the swing.

11. The kettlebell floats momentarily on the top of the swing.