Our Thoughts shape our behaviors. Our behaviors shape the reality of our lives. What goes on in our heads is what will happen with our bodies and lives. What comes out of our mouths is a reflection of what is happening inside our minds.

A phrase that I initially head from Master RKC Dan John is “Does your behavior match your goal?” It makes sense that if we want to accomplish something then the things we do, day-to-day should line up with getting to that accomplishment.

I get a lot of questions about what to do/not do or eat/not eat in order to get stronger or get leaner. The longer I am in the business I am in, the more I believe that what comes out of your mouth is more important than what goes in it. Calling yourself names (“I’m old/fat/weak/last/stupid, etc”), saying bad things about yourself ( “Knowing me, I’ll mess it up”) and verbally beating yourself for not doing well (“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just can’t stay on track”)are harmful behaviors. If your goal is to improve, then that behavior most certainly does not match the goal. Think of it this way: Would you tolerate another person treating you that way? Would you be friends with someone who talked to you/treated you that way?

Whether realized or not, the things we say to and about ourselves are a reflection of our core values.

Sean Greeley turned me on to the concepts of developing core values. His was specifically a business exercise, but Sean also pointed out to me that if the core values of the business do not line up with the core values of the owner, the business has already failed. What are core values? They are statements that define the “should” and “should not” of your decision making process. We all have them, whether we put them together consciously and to our benefit is a different story.

Very often people live their lives with no thought to creating a clear set of core values. How do you make decisions then? Or what if you “believe” something and act in opposition to that belief? Do you really believe it?

The ONLY way success can be attained is if our actions line up with our core values. Did you ever wonder why poor people who win the lottery often wind up in just as bad or worse shape than before they won? Because their core values do not line up with being abundant and truly wealthy.

Or what about people who yo-yo back and forth between being fit and being overweight? Like winning the lotto, you can fake your way to losing weight and appearing healthy for a while, but if your core values are self-destructive and you don’t change them, you will return to your bad habits, because they are what you truly believe and how you identify yourself.

Something else to consider- if someone is in the business of helping others get fit, healthy, strong, lean or otherwise “better” and their primary marketing strategy is talking about how much everyone else sucks compared to them, where do you think their core values lie? Are they coming from a place of truly wanting to help or from a place of insecurity?

Everyone has a set of core values by which they conduct their lives. Some are well thought out, some are just random collections of ideas with no consistency or purpose.

What are YOUR core values?