Consistency over time.

If there is a “secret” to success, this is it.

Even a perfect exercise program and the ideal diet will fail to produce any kind of result if it is only followed for 4 days. Paraphrasing Mark Reifkind, MRKC, I would rather see someone train twice a week for 15 minutes every day for a year than start a 5-day per week, hour per session program and stop after three weeks.

One of the best ways to stay consistent with your exercise is to do it with someone else. This is one of my favorite things about our group training at Nashville Kettlebell. Everyone trains together, has fun, shares in the success of the rest of the group. The members inspire each other to accomplish more than they would if they were left alone. This is what they have told me and it reflects what I see actually happening on a daily basis.

“What should I eat?”

Eating foods that support your fat-loss efforts does not have to be complicated or miserable. It is also not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to change. You remember from our discussion on your mind, you have to live by your decisions. You must make conscious and informed decisions about the food you consume.

 I defer to someone WAY smarter than me on this one. His name is Dr. John Berardi.  Dr. Berardi is one of the top sports nutritionist in the world. His approach is very sensible and doable.  It begins with a few simple rules for fat loss:

  • Decrease Calories
  • Increase Protein
  • Replace grains with greens
  • Replace bad fats with healthy fats.

Dr. Berardi has also put together a FREE 5-Day Precision Nutrition Video Course for fat loss, which gives a practical introduction to his approach to nutrition. To get it, click HERE

 In addition to Dr. Berardi’s nutritional advice, I offer the following suggestion to improve consistency with diet: Keep a food diary.

Why? Because when you do this you find out what you are actually eating. I know you think you know what you are eating. You probably are eating more than you think. No, you are CERTAINLY eating more than you think. Don’t believe me? What did you have to eat from the time you got up until you went to bed last Thursday? If you don’t remember, then you probably ate more than you think. Every single time we have implemented this strategy at Nashville Kettlebell, our clients report an increase in results.

The only way to combat this is to write it down, and you have two choices of when you can do it: either before or after you eat it.

Writing it down AFTER is what I call documenting. It is simply making an accurate recording of what happened. This is where I start most of my clients simply because I cannot tell you what changes you need to make until I know what you are already doing. I recommend you begin there as well.

Writing it down BEFORE is called planning. Once we have decided on a nutritional strategy, we plan in advance and write it down. Then it is a simple matter of executing the plan.