With the Chief in Ventura, 2009. Strong. First time I ever saw him in an Iron Tamer t-shirt.

So what happened?

That is the question that has been coming up from a lot of folks. There are many, many details that no one needs to know about, but I believe that if anyone cares enough about what I have to say to follow me or read my stuff, then I am obligated to speak about it to the point that I can. So here goes……

Pavel decided to part ways with Dragon Door and made his intentions public in August.

Many of us knew this was a possibility for a while and then it became obvious that it was going to happen. About a week prior that announcement I told him that I would follow him wherever this new venture went. There is an old saying that the warrior defends the source of his power. Pavel has done so much for me,in addition to having great integrity, there was never a need for me to choose.  I choose to follow the source with Loyalty, Honor and Respect.

He asked me, and all the other Master and Senior instructors, to “honor our  existing commitments”.   For me this included an HKC in September, NPE Megatraining (where I was to lead a workout as a DD representative) in October and the Australian RKC in November.

An  issue  arose concerning Australia and John Du Cane offered to send someone else instead of me. After much consideration, I accepted the offer. I apologize to anyone who is disappointed by that.

Last weekend I completed the NPE Megatraining event, which was my final obligation to Dragon Door and I  have given my official announcement of my resignation as a Master Instructor with DD.

I am moving on with Pavel and the new organization and will continue to run my gym in Nashville and teach my own workshops. I am thankful to have been a part of the RKC for almost ten years.  The details of the new organization will be made public very soon. I am looking forward to the future.