If you are considering the StrongBody Challenge at Nashville Kettlebell, here is what one of own has to say about his experience….

“I first wanted to start working out at Nashville Kettlebell because I was intrigued by the idea of a full body workout in 30 minutes. I was overweight and running 4 times a week and it was torture on my knees. But Dave told me of this glorious thing call “The Swing.” A full body work out that gave some cardio as well? Sold.

When I started, I weighed around 325 and that was in April 2012 by mid December 2012 I was below 300 for the first time in the past 6 years!

Other than weight loss goals being met, I’ve also set several PRs since starting just 7 months ago: I went from pressing a 20kg to a 36kg, Snatching a 24kg 50reps in 5 min to 95reps, barely being able to do a Turkish Get-Up not loaded with weight due to poor mobility to one on each side with a 28kg, and after never attempting a dead lift in my life I was able to pull 353lbs in just 8 weeks.

I love learning new skills and improving on old ones. But more than that, I love the vibe and the comradery. From the first day I was in there, everyone was more than helpful, they were encouraging. No arrogance in this DOJO. Just real, cool, down to earth people who love to see you achieve your goals.

If you’re still on the fence: just do it. I was there too. I talked about doing it for a year or two before I finally just decided I was going to try it and I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished in just 7 months. It’s crazy to think about where I would be if I’d started in January rather than putting it off another 4 months.

Talking about what you want to do is exciting, but actually doing it, is inspiring”.


– Chris Creed