I have been working on leveraging sledgehammers for the past couple of weeks, easing into the volume. For the rest of this month, I plan to focus on the feat with a little more fervor, so I have gone back and studied the technique of the Father of Sledgehammer levering and the undisputed KING of the leverage lift, Sim the Hammer Man Farman. (thanks to John Wood for this picture)

Legitimate BADASS Strength

You see, you need someone to teach, lead and coach you. Someone who has experience and success doing what you want to do, achieving the thing you want to achieve. For example when I chose to learn to lift and teach ketlebells, it was obvious that Pavel and the RKC were the way go.  Why? It is the source from which ALL the other kettlebell stuff you see on the market today comes.

When I decided I wanted to lever a sledgehammer, I asked Dennis Rogers, who learned the feat from Slim the Hammerman.  To try to figure it out by yourself is making things harder than they need to be which is a clear violation of my Rule Number One: Don’t Be Stupid.

To act like you invented it yourself is not only stupid, but arrogant.

The Legacy Continues

The Legacy Continues

On the Nashville Kettlebell Blog this week I talked about how if you aim at nothing and you’ll hit it. Similarly if you follow a fool don’t be surprised if there is a less than desirable outcome. Follow the advice of a fool and what do you have? Foolish advice.

Find the best teacher you can find, learn all you can and practice with focused intent.  Honor your teacher by taking what you learned beyond where you recieved  it, and earn the right to call it your own.