So after my unfornuate collision on Thursday mornin’, I felt pretty good on Friday, a little stiff/soreness in my right wrist. Nothing major. I carried on with business as usual.

Saturday it felt about the same. Donnavan Stephen’s was having the 2 year birthday celebration for his school Shaolin Concepts and he asked me to perform some feats of strength during the demo section on Saturday afternoon.

In addition to the usual kettlebell stuff and 2 hands anyhow with a KB and a girl, I tore a deck of cards, did a 64kg one-finger lift and bent a 4 foot piece of 1/2 inch round steel into a fish shape. I am pleased with the progress I have made since joining Dennis Rogers Oldetime Strongman University. Fun stuff.

Anyway, I got home, helped Mandy plant some stuff in the garden and felt a strange pain in my wrist/palm while shovelling. By Sunday morning I couldn’t close my fist. It hurt and the nerves seemed to stop working before the fingers completely closed.

I went to see my chiropractor yesterday and he figured out that one of the bones in my wrist had shifted so far out of whack that it was putting pressure on the carpal tunnel and also the flexor tendon that runs to the middle finger. He adjusted it and IMMEDIATELY I had relief and only the mildest of pain.

Took it light today, did a few swings with 24kg and some double snatches with 16kg. I am scheduled for another adjustment today and Thursday. I expect to be 100% by the weekend.