Some of you may know that I have had an on-going “thing” with my right knee for about 3 years.

Couple years ago did the whole Doctor thing, got some PT, FMS, etc and stopped it from getting much worse.

Recently it has been bothering me more and more, affecting my swing and DL pattern to the point that Brett said in his Lumburg voice ‘yeaahhh….you should probably go ahead and …..not do that” when he and Jeff O’Connor watched me in the day before the summit.

I stopped for a few weeks, then did the RKC snatch test one day “How bad can that be?” I’m thinking. Well, I didn’t notice that my SI joint weirdness was gone until it came back after those snatches.

Short version of the story is MRI shows bone spurs and I’m gonna get them ground off in Dec when things slow down. I talked about it to some of y’all in PA, but thought i’d put something here so that it doesn’t get filtered thru 9 people and turn into Mad cow disease.

In the interim I am on a self imposed exhile from swings and deadlifts. Mourn for me as I neglect this aspect of my personality. I’ll be doing some training experimentation which I will describe elsewhere, but it involves pressing, pulling and gripping…..