I got a BARRAGE of emails along with all my local folks last week when Jillian broke out a 10lb kettlebell on the Biggest loser. I must admit, I have never watched the show, but I did find this clip and see what all the fuss is about.

Jillian has no idea how to use kettlebells. Now, she may be great at other stuff, but she ain’t got it when it comes to kettlebells.

This is just one of the many clips of its kind from personal trainers who mistakenly assume that they can use the tool.

Like my buddy Josh Hillis, RKCII said: My issue then is making this mistake on national TV in front of an audience of millions who think you are showing correct form.

In fact, I like what Josh had to say SO much, I’m just gonna restate it here:

I will Teach You To Do The Kettlebell Swing Correctly

Celebrity/TV trainers of the world: I know you are trying… You just need to get some instruction on how to do it. I just want to you to demonstrate correct form.

I recommend all celebrity trainers get five sessions with an RKC Certified Instructor.

I’m going to make an offer to any trainer who is on TV: If you fly out to Nashville, I’ll teach you how. For free. If your producer wants you do a kettlebell segment I’ll be your technical advisor.

Please: Allow your audience to see kettlebell movements performed with correct (safe and effective) form.

What Not To Do

I’m going to ask that all trainers, not just celebrity trainers, but ALL trainers not teach kettlebell movements if they don’t know to do them correctly.

I’ll put it as gently as possible: DO NOT TEACH ANYTHING YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO TEACH.

The reality is, knowing how to do a kettlebell swing correctly is only the first step. There is a HUGE gap between knowing how to DO something, and knowing how to TEACH something.

It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity trainer – if you haven’t gotten some instruction from an RKC Certified Instructor, you don’t know how to do a kettlebell swing. And if you aren’t RKC Certified, you don’t know how to teach it.

I agree with Jillian about a few things: Kettlebells are a superior way to burn fat, lose weight, get strong and to have more fun working out.

So I am with Josh: Hopefully celebrity trainers will get some more information about how to do kettlebell swings correctly, and then the next time you see kettlebells on The Biggest Loser, or Fit TV or some other show, then millions of people will see how to do kettlebell swings with powerful, safe, effective form.

I’m hoping they all take us up on the offer. Or if not Josh or me, then another RKC.
Seeing kettlebells on TV at all is an HUGE step forward for the fitness of America.
Seeing them done correctly would be the next level.