Lose 12lbs in a week?

Learning to dehydrate to manipulate the scale?

Basing your worth as a person on a scale number?

If Biggest Loser is reality, so is Star Wars.

I applaud Kai Hibbard for stepping up and telling the TRUTH.

This is the biggest problem I have with the entire weight-loss industry. The fact that it is about WEIGHT loss. Not strength, not mobility and certainly not health. Not that I am opposed to using weight as a method of tracking progress, but if this is the ONLY measurement then it encourages people to view their entire worth as a person as a number on a scale. 

If all you care about is losing 30lbs and with ZERO regard for you health, then you may as well take a chainsaw to you leg. You’ll weigh less, I promise and it won’t take nearly as long.

Sounds ridiculous and because it is, but some of the utterly stupid stuff I have seen and heard isn’t much smarter or healthier.  

Here is the solution:  Move well and often. Get stronger. Eat real food-meat and vegetables. Measure your progress by how well you move, how good you feel and how you look. Stay off the scale.