I am very excited that the book I have been writing that covers the bent press is almost done. The working title is Taming the Bent Press: A Guide to the King Of Lifts.





















I have been tediously putting the photos (like these sweet-ass pics) in place and hope to be done with everything and ready to rock within a couple more weeks.  Photos were done by Chris Creed and shows you what the overall look will be.

Here is a short excerpt:


Common Mistakes:

Fortunately, there are just a few things that the lifter can mess up.


Racking the kettlebell too far forward.

If the elbow of the loaded arm is not back far enough then you will not have enough room to bend into the bottom position. It will start out OK, but you will run out of room to move way before you are able to lock out your elbow.

Allowing the elbow to bend as the upper body falls forward. 

Most of the time I see this when the student lacks confidence in their positioning. As the hips flex, the elbow must extend at the same rate.

Pressing out/ straightening the elbow too soon.

You must be patient and have confidence in your ability to hold good alignment and been into the proper position. Pressing out too soon is usually a sign of not being able to comfortable get into the bottom position.

Free hand searching for something to do. 

We covered this, but it keeps showing up. Choose one of the two free hand positions described and put your hand there.

Over rotation of the lifting hand & dumping the weight forward. As you move into position keep the palm facing forward, as if you were facing an audience in a performance. If the you allow the weight to rotate too much, it will twist your arm to the point that you can no longer support it and you will  lose it.

Stay tuned, it shall be ready for public consumption soon……