I had NEVER set foot in California in my life until last Augst. Since then I have been back four times and my fifth is coming up in less than a month.

Mark Reifkind (Rif) Master RKC, Tracy Reifkind (the Queen f the Swing), RKC and the Iron Tamer (that’s me!) are doing a Kettlebell Workshop on Sunday May 2nd in Sunnyvale, CA.

Rif’s topic is “Lats, the Super Muscles”
Rif is gonna start with the basics of lat kinesiology, and teach the steps needed to build a powerful back.

Tracy is going to be covering her unique take on Kettlebell Swing Progressions. 

I will be covering Lessons of the Old-Time Strongmen and Overhead progressions including getups, military pressing and bent press progressions.

PLUS: This workshop will be filmed for DVD. Attendees will receive a free set of DVDs approximately two months after the event.

See you there!