Once again I made the trip to Newark NJ for the AOBS dinner. I had a great time talking about Hoshin Chi Kung, kettlebell and barbell lifting and “that’s what she said” jokes with Matt Tolstoy, Amanda Clark and Eric Moss on Friday nite. On Saturday I got to see many of my friends like Chris Rider, the Mighty Stefan and Sonny Barry along with my mentor Dennis Rogers and the legend Slim the Hammer Man Farman. Here is a video of a new feat that I learned and a couple cool pics……


I love going to the dinner and being around legends of strength. I got to witness (but unfortunately didn’t get any video) Dennis Rogers casually bend a quarter with his hands and a small device he uses to keep the coin from slipping out of his hands. I got to spend some time talking with Mike and Jerry Greenstein, the sons of the Mighty Atom. I learned a bit about the breathing practices of their father.


Eric Moss performed for the first time in the afternoon show and did a great job bending a 5/8 in steel bar across the bridge of his nose (see photo at the top of the page). See y’all next year!