On September 17th I attended the 28th annual Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongman banquet.  I love going to this event because it is a chance to be around living breathing strength history.  Upon my arrival Friday night, fellow RKC Eric Moss was waiting for me at the hotel with kettlebells for me to borrow.  Thanks Eric!

On Saturday I got to spend some time talking with Chris Rider about training, various aspects of strongmanism and the upcoming documentary Bending Steel. I am very excited that with this film and Kraftakt there will be TWO documentary movies that feature strongman within the next year.

One of my favorite part of the AOBS is getting to spend time with the legendary Grandmaster of strength, Slim the Hammer Man. I always walk away from a conversation with Slim having learned something new. I also got to spend a few minutes with Mike Greenstein, the son of the Mighty Atom.

Mike Greenstein, he Son of the Mighty AtomChris Rider organized two the feats of strength shows. The first one was called Oldtime Stars of Strength.  This show  featured Chris’ student Chris the Wonder  Schoek, Chuck Weist, Tommy Heslep and myself.

Performing on the small stage, I had an opportunity to demonstrate a few kettlebell feats of strength and dedicated my signature feat to Slim’s recently departed wife Shirley.


The evening show on the big stage was announced by the Mighty Stefan and featured amazing feats by Sonny Barry, a world record performance by Gary the Brickman Brown, and a great display by the Irish Iron Man John McGrath, which included his official Red Nail bend for certification.

I LOVE this signature scroll of his.


It was also great to get to see friends and fellow strongmen like Pat the Human Vise Povalitis, Greg Matonick and Tom Kelley.  See you all next time!