It was fun while it lasted, but the holiday season is OVER and it is time to get started on a brand new year. This time of year EVERYONE is on fire with the fever of setting new goals. Statisically that will last about three weeks, then the masses settle back into the deadly “comfort zone”.

Why? Failure to achieve a goal happens most often because we give up what we really want for what we THINK we want right now. Consistency over time produces results. It is really that simple……………… and that difficult. Set your goal, develop your plan and get to work consistently implementing the plan.

I’ll use myself as an example. I want to be stronger. Great, but that’s pretty broad. I’ll use a specific strength-related goal of mine—Bottoms-Up Pressing a 40kg kettlebell— to illustrate the following points.

1. Commit your goals to paper-Writing them down by hand is the first time you take action and the goal stops being just an idea. I have done this.

2. Review your goals daily. It does no good to write them down and forget about them Keep your list of goals accessible, so that you can review it several times each day. Frequent reminders will help to keep you on track. I’m on it.

3. Be specific. Set exactly the goal you want to achieve and the time frame for it. Here is what I wrote down: “I am bottom-up pressing my 40kg kettlebell by Feb. 28th 2009.” Notice the deadline and the way it is framed in present tense. Doing this with your goals will program your mind to believe it has already happened. How can you fail at something that has already happened?

4. Be realistic. Begin by setting small, attainable goals that will propel you into future success. If I was BU pressing a 16kg today, 40kg in a few weeks would not be realistic.

5. Focus on the short-term goals and the short-term changes in behavior. Doing this will cause you to automatically reach your long-term goals. My daily and weekly plan has goals related to specific pressing and grip related things. Added up they get me to the 40kg destination.

6. As you achieve your goals, make updates to your list to continually challenge yourself. After I get the 40kg, the next step will be something a little more challenging. I am not sure yet whatthat will be. Maybe 48kg BU press. Maybe something altogether different.

What do you have planned?