View from beside the stage. The crowd was huge.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Grandmaster Strongman and my mentor Dennis Rogers. He asked if I would be interested in performing some feats of strength on the big stage at the Arnold Classic along side him and mike the Machine Bruce. I immediately agreed to this huge honor.

I drove up to Somerset KY, home ofthe Machine for the first leg. Mike has a private training client at the Machine Shop Gym who owns a small plane and offered to fly us to Columbus.

Once we got to the hotel, we headed down to the restaurant. There were several of the strongman competitors there among them Jedd Johnson, who I hadn’t seen for a while. After dinner we went back to our room and spent some time with Dennis Rogers. I always learn something new when I am around Dennis. Here he is in the hotel room, doing what he does better than anyone else in the world.


If you have seen the trailer for Kraftakt, you may remember that my original inspiration for ever becoming involved in strength was Lou Ferrigno. From the time I was about 8 years old, I have been a fan and felt a kinship with him. As a kid he was bullied and picked on because he was deaf and developed a desire to become big and strong, eventually leading to Mr. Universe victories and his most well-known role as the Hulk on TV. I had a terrible stutter as a kid and found comfort in the iron as well.

Well, Lou was there and I got to meet him, had him autograph my book “The Incredible Lou Ferrigno” and get a picture with him. We spent a few minutes talking and I bent a 60d spike for him. The 8 year-old boy inside me was giddy.

With the Incredible Lou Ferrigno and the first training book I got 30 years ago.

We went on between the strongman competition and the Mighty Mitts contest. We only had a few minutes, but this performance was in front of the largest crowd ever for me, by far, and sharing the stage with Dennis and the Machine is truly an honor. Mike and I each did a couple of feats and Dennis did several. Here is Mike’s signature neck feat which I get to help him perform.

I also got to meet several legends in the strength world and even got a “Good Morning” form Arnold himself.

The legendary Bill Kazmier. "The strongest man to ever walk the planet."

WWE Superstar, Arnold Strongman winner and all around great human being, Mark Henry.

Magnus Ver Magnusson, 4 time World's Strongest Man Champion.

I had an amazing time and hope to get to do something similar in the future.