In case you haven’t heard, I’ll be presenting some new material at Hardstyle Ventura this year. That’s right, I got new material…..gonna make a suit. OK, so comedy ain’t my strongest point. Fortunately, the new material has been recieved really well and I’m not the only one with something new. 

Not only is this Pavel’s first ever workshop teaching his training philosophy on the TRX, on top of his rare stuff on pistols, pull-ups and one arm pushups, but Rif, Toomey and Dr. Mark Cheng will be showing you new material as well. 


Pullups are HARDSTYLE, just ask Pavel.

If that doesn’t sound good, its on the beach and you’ll be getting a manual filled with this information.  Oh yeah, and there’s gonna be a prize drawing where you can win one of my new DVDs among other things.

 Sean asked me to let you know that there are 7 spots available at this special Iron Tamer rate.


Group shot, HARDSTYLE Ventura 2009. Don't miss it this time....