Today’s training:
A1: Split squat x10/10
A2: SLow Pushup x10

B1: 40kg C&P x5/5
B2: 40kg Row x8/8

Swing 40kg +16kg in one hand 2×4 reps

Swing 40kg x20 (roughly :30)
Snatch 16kg x7/7 (again roughly :30)
:30 rest
repeat for 4 rounds

Then I decided to see what the pace would be like for 300 reps for the full 10:00, so I grabbed a 16kg, and away I went.

Switching hands every 10 reps, I got 304, 34 reps the first minute, 30 per the rest of the time. Ran out of time on the 4th rep with the right hand, but finished the set of 10 after.

No big deal until about the 7:30 mark, then my mind went into a slow-motion-tunnel-time-warp kind of state.