You are going to get a laugh out of this. I usually ignore blatant stupidity unless asked directly. Well, I was asked directly. Once in a while something comes along that is so utterly ridiculous that it leaves me at a loss for words. This ain’t one of those times.

I received several emails about this. Apparently Ryan Shanahan of KettleWorx “The Global Leader in Kettlebell Fitness” (which is trademarked BTW) has seen fit to write an article about the “The 3 KettleBell Body Shapes” and to cite the Iron Tamer as an example of the “Hardstyle Body”. Now I am fine with that, except that he uses it as an insult to me and the Hardstyle system to sell his laughable “Kettleworx” product.

Any time you read a so-called ‘expert” saying things like “Your Body Shapes the Way You Move It “ and “Different kettlebell training methods result in different body shapes”, it is a sure sign they haven’t got a clue about human physiology and are trying to rip you off with bogus exercise methodology.

He goes on to say: “As you can see the Russian or Hard Style of Lifting Kettlebells definitely makes the body stronger, more powerful, and bulky.”

Right…… Sara Cheatham Sr. RKC, Mark Cheng RKCTL, our Chief Instructor Pavel, and myself should all have the same body type, since we all train Hardstyle. It is also interesting to note that I am about 50lbs smaller and MUCH stronger than I was before learning and practicing the Hardstyle principle. I repeat: I am smaller and stronger than before I began using this system that Ryan claims will cause “bulking”.

Here is some science for you Ryan: Your “Body Shape” is determined by your GENETICS and how you FEED it, along with how you train.

He demonstrates his complete and utter lack of knowledge of Hardstyle with this one sentence: “This (hardstyle) system is also restricted to only a few basic movements – Clean & Press, Snatch, Swings, Get Up and Pistols done while using Heavy Kettlebells for Low Reps.”

Hmmmmmm……on my Full Body Power DVD I teach at least 25 different variations of various exercises. In the showreel video he put in the article I do KB juggling, bent press, Sots press & more. My score in the best-ever Secret Service Snatch Test is 260 reps in 10:00 and I can get 220 24kg snatches in 10:00 anytime I want. That is hardly a heavy weight for me, nor are those low reps. And I am Hardstyle.

How about this gem: “KettleBell Conditioning combines a complete cardio, core and resistance workout in each training session for whole body fitness.”

The implication here is that Hardstyle does somehow does not give a total training effect or provide conditioning. Tell me again what your Secret Service Snatch score is Ryan?

He uses video to show both male and female Kettlebell Fitness Body types. The male body example is a former member of the RKC who had that build before he ever touched a kettlebell. The females are fitness model types who I am fairly certain also looked that way before touching kettlebells.

The truth is in the results. Hardstyle is about strength. It is about conditioning. It is about resilience and mobility. It is about performance. It is not just about “…a body shape with toned and defined muscles that look great on the beach” although it can certainly produce that.

Ryan, feel free to go ahead and market your ridiculous method of using kettlebells, but please do three things:

  1. Get your facts straight about the Hardstyle principles before you denounce it.
  2. Know that you can only rip people off for so long before they figure out the truth.
  3. Leave me out of it.