2011 was very eventful. Some bad, a LOT of awesome and overall one of the best years yet for me. Here are some of the the things that happened….

Jan- Knee surgery, bone spur removal, return to full ROM and begin the rehab process. Surgery was Jan 6, body weight 301 at the surgery center. First post-surgical RKC snatch test was Jan 27.

We also began fostering dogs for a local placement service and have help three wayward doggies find permanant homes. This has been a great experience.

My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and vowed to beat it.

Feb-Continued improvement with the knee, San Diego for John DuCane’s Marketing Mastermind weekend. Spent some time with RKC family there that I do not get to see often enough.

March- Took a trip to PA for a workshop with Marty Gallagher and Kirk Karwoski. Began weekly conversations with Marty, coaching me to build up my limit strength. I recieved info on my squat in particular that I am still figuring out how to implement. DEEP skill. Marty made his coaching contingent on me getting down to the 240lb range. “The last thing the world needs is another fat powerlifter!”

I also visited Slim the Hammer Man and his wife Shirley.

Taught HKC and assisted at the Dragon Door Indian Club certification.

April- Vacation in Orange Beach AL. Knee fully functional. Entered into full bore “Get Lean” mode. Another HKC cert with Mark and Nikki Snow.

After talking with Sean Greeley, I became a VIP member of his business coaching group, Net Profit Explosion. Joining NPE has been the single best decision I have made for improving Nashville Kettlebell. The quality of service and information is outstanding.

May- CK-FMS in St. Paul MN.

Doc report that Mom was responding extremely well to Chemo.

Slim the Hammer Man and the Mighty Atom inducted into the York Barbell Hall of Fame in York PA. Spent time with Dennis Rogers and Jedd Johnson. Set a USAWA record in the Bent press.

June- 200 24kg snatches in under 8:00. All-time PR 5 months post-surgery. Did this on a whim, before my scheduled workout.

NPE VIP event in Orlando with McBrydes. Starting to realize just how disorganized I am and amazed at being successful in spite of it.

HKC in Atlanta with Delaine Ross, RKCTL.

Celebrate one year anniversary of the current Nashville Kettlebell location.

Consistently doing 700-1000 swings per session. Body weight in the 270s.

July- squat 405 6 month post surgery. I missed the depth by an inch or so, but I don’t care. Knee is strong.

Teach at Level 2 RKC in MN. Several of my students including  Matt and Kristen McBryde certified.

Summit of Strength in Oklahoma with MRKCs O’Connor, Jones & Neupert. ( The 4 Horsemen) Body weight in the 260s.

I was contacted by German filmmaker Andre Roessler to be a part of a documentary about strength called Kraftakt. Andre and his partner Isabel spent 2 days shooting footage in Nashville before flying to LA to shoot with Lou Ferrigno. I sent Lou a horse shoe I bent, and he is holding it in the trailer for the movie.


I also was interviewed for an documentary the Sean Greeley did about the American Dream.

Aug- Performed at Black 13 tattoo parlor birthday party.

RKC San Diego

Strapped in to the metabolic testing station at Vanderbilt. 24kg swings burning over 20 calories per minute.

Sept- Visited Charleston SC for my 5 year anniversary with Mandy. McBrydes and Snows went with us. We had a great time.

Performed my signature Hammer/Getup combo at the Association of Oldtime Barbell and Strongman Dinner in front of Slim the Hammer Man.


Mom’s birthday, she continues to do well with her treatment.

Bodyweight dips below 260 for the first time since i was in my 20s.

Oct- HKC and workshops in Melbourne Australia. Mandy went with me for this one and we spent a few days at Hamilton Island. Just before we left, Mandy had what we thought was a cyst removed. It turned out to be skin cancer. Thankfully she had all of it removed in a single process after we returned home and is fine. We didn’t really say much about it publicly, but it was pretty scary. We talked about it and decided to include it in the year wrap up. If you or someone you know has anything questionable on your skin, get it checked out.

Nov-Taught at Hardstyle Ventura for the 3rd year and attended the wedding of Doug and Laura Nepodal. I am so happy I could be there to see them tie the knot!

Seoul Korea RKC. My first RKC as acting Chief instructor and the first-ever Asian RKC. SrRKCs  Jon Engum and Dr. Mark Cheng teach with me. Three Ninjas! The Korean people and the Dragon Door staff there were amazing.

Thanksgiving and my birthday. Mom’s hair is growing back.

Dec- Final HKC of 2011, certified 2 more NKB instructors.

In 1995 I began training in Jook Lum Hakka Mantis and Chu Gar kungfu. Because of some renewed email communication with my Sifu, I received instructor credentials in from him.

Nashville Kettlebell continues to grow.

These are the high points. I am very happy and thankful for the health of the people I love and for the ability to get to do what I do.

Big things are on the horizon. On to 2012. Happy New Year!