As 2010 draws to an end, I want to take a little time to reflect on some of the extremely awesome things that were a part of the past year. 

RKC and HKC workshops are always great events and 2010 was no exception. Many thanks to everyone involved with all the workshops this year. 

In March Jeff O’Connor, Geoff Neupert and were appointed to Master RKC Instructor by Pavel. This is a tremendous honor for me, especially for it to be alongside these men, who are my brothers in strength.

 I got spend time with Gray Cook on a few different occasions. He asked me to come to Averitt and give my “Lessons of the Old-time strongmen” lecture and performance, be a part of the FMS instructor training that launched his book Movement and I went to CK-FMS again, this time to help teach and watch several of my students go through the course. Getting to spend some time with Gray makes me appreciate his talent and integrity that much more. 

I learned Indian Clubs with Brett Jones and Dr. Thomas at Dragon Door’s first-ever Certified Indian Club Specialist workshop. When it comes to Indian Clubs and Physical Culture, Ed Thomas is Yoda. thomas

 Nashville Kettlebell opened its doors this year and I appreciate every student and instructor there. We will continue to grow and provide the very best instruction available for Kettlebells and Functional Movement.

 Many thanks to bodybuilding LEGEND Dave Draper and his awesome wife Laree. Laree organized a day of Workshop with Mark and Tracy Rif in CA and subsequent DVD that were filmed that day. If you had told me when I was a 12 year old kid lifting plastic weights in my bedroom that one day I’d be sitting across the dinner table from the Blond Bomber, I would have never believed it. May he lift and live forever.


 I got 2 new tattoos at Black 13 in Nashville. The best tattoo shop I have ever been to, great work and a great staff. tattoo

I got to spend a few days in NYC with Mandy and her parents. We blundered all over Manhattan, visited Times Square, Grand Central station and even looked for King Kong, but he was hiding and I didn’t have any bananas. 



Summit of Strength with Master RKC Instructors Neupert, O’Connor, Jones and myself. The 4 horsemen of Hardstyle.  Dustin Rippetoe, RKCTL and his wife Kenzie organized this massive event and made it a great experience for everyone involved.


Dennis Rogers visited Nashville to do a handful of performances and I got to spend some time with him. He coached me to a PR bend on a horseshoe and had me join him to perform a couple of feats.


 Speaking of travelling strongmen, Mike the Machine Bruce and Bud Jeffries both came to Music City and spent some time with me. These guys are great friends and very strong men.

 I Visited Slim the hammer man at his home in PA. Slim told me “I am the last living link between Saxon and guys like Dennis Rogers and you”. His coaching shortened my learning curve on leverage lifting by YEARS and led to several hammer lifting PRs over the next few weeks with more to come.


 The Pavel & Dan John seminar was an amazing experience. I learned a ton, got to hang with old friends and met powerlifting super-coach Marty Gallagher.

 In November Mandy and I loaded up and headed west for the Hardstyle Ventura and the Sydney HKC and Getup workshops. We had never been to Australia, so we stayed there for 10 days and loved it. She’s still working on processing the pictures, so when they are ready I’ll out some up.

Last big event of the year, HKC Nashville, saw Dustin and Kenzie Rippetoe spending a few days with us and getting tattooed at Black 13.

 On a physical note, I set several very meaningful, real PRs in 2010.

I bent a #3 competitor horseshoe. I bent 41 60d nails in less than an hour (on my birthday ). I bent my first grade 8 bolt.  Jedd Johnson gave some tips that led to me bending my first (actually my first 4) Iron Mind Red Nail on Dec 20th.  Double kettlebell military press 2x44kg, barbell bent press 170lbs, Deadlift 565lbs. Hammer getup 44kg and 12lb hammer, 12inch spikes 3 in 3 minutes.


 Next week, on Jan 6th, I am having surgery to remove some bone spurs from my knee. This will give me full extension, which is something I have been missing for a couple of years now. After I recover, I have am planning to take my training in some new directions.

May 2011 be your strongest year yet! Happy New Year!