Last week Rif posted on the Dragon Door forum that Tracy did 1000 swings with a 24kg kettlebell in 50:00.

Inspired, I decided (on an off day) to do 1000 32kg kettlebell swings (100 sets of 10) on Saturday.

I set Gymboss to :15/:15 and off I went. This allowed for 10 swings with a 15 sec rest, or 20 swings per minute, the same scheme that Tracy used with a 24kg.

I can honestly say that it was more mind-numbingly, painfully boring than GS training.

I had some Gollum-style inner dialouge going between my split personality of Lazy Dave & IRONTAMER.

LD: We got 400. That’s more than just about anybody would do. It’s supposed to be an off day.

IT: We promised ourself that we’d do 1000.

swing, swing, swing, swing….BEEP!

LD: You got 500, that’s good enough. Let’s go get a beer.

IT: NO! We said we were gonna do 1000.

LD: Yeah, but we know we can get it, so why bother?

IT: Because we said we would.

swing, swing, swing, swing….BEEP!

LD: It’s getting dark.

IT: We must finish.

LD: 800 is enough, that’s more than Foxy Bill did.

IT: Maybe your right….NO! Stop your trickeries!

swing, swing, swing, swing….BEEP!

LD: 900 is enough….we have nothin to prove.

IT: If we quit then we lie to ourself.

I had to psych myself into finishing. It was tough physically, but that absolute worst part was mental. I had to take a couple of breaks at 800 and 900, primarily because of grip fatigue.

Felt a little sore and drained on Sunday and Monday. Today, I am back to full power.