First of all: Happy Birthday to my Dad, Gene Whitley!

Time for an update from the Hard Loser front. After the end of the PN contest, I felt that post-goal void. I needed a break.

Frankly I have been a little slack since Thanksgiving, this past week especially. I managed to get a little cold right after Turkey Day Weekend, as we were doing all the last minute business and packing before we bought the new house.

I let the sniffles, the busy-ness of buying the house and moving distract me. I have remained a little distracted by unpacking, settling in at the new place, and Christmas. I realized last night, after running up the street to a fast food place (we were tired, it was convenient, I got lazy), that without careful attention to the path, I will undo all that I have done.

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can derail even the most dedicated. I have been about 50% compliant to diet and training has been below-par. I am fully recovered from the cold, I think. Time to ramp it up a bit.

I am realistic enough to know that with the hectic Christmas schedule, travel, etc. My best bet is to stick with a “program minimum” mindset & plan, not to expect to destroy everything in my path. Training will be by feel, no specific plan, no specific goal, just enjoyment of the misery. Cruising speed for the remainder of 2007, building emotional momentum for the next couple of weeks.