“A very competent and capable kettlebell instructor, David Whitley will make you a better man or woman.” -Pavel Tsatsouline, the author of Enter the Kettlebell!

In 9 months of training with David Whitley Sr.RKC I have rolled back the clock and feel better than I have since I was 20. I have returned to competitive soccer for the first time in 7 years. I’m running down 19 year olds, scoring goals, and feeling terrific. I knew kettlebells were the fitness tool to improve my strength, explosiveness, stablility and balance without sacrificing mobility. What I didn’t know was what a difference expert instruction would make. Under Davids watch I have gone from using a 16kg bell for most excersizes to a 32. My wife rips 10-15 strict pushups with ease and my sister at 125 pounds swings a 32 for multiple sets! I can’t thank David enough for the dramatic improvements in our understanding, attitude, and enthusiasm for physical fitness. See you at the next RKC cert!
Brian Wilson – Nashville, TN USA Dragondoor.com review

David’s expertise and methodology has added a great deal of excitement to my training program’s, while contributing to my athlete’s performance. I am a true believer in David and his coaching phiolosphy. David has truely influenced me and my staff. Not only in our own training but with our athlete’s. Because of David, kettlebells will always be a part of my programs as well as my athlete’s.

David is by far a “Great Instructor” and a true IRON TAMER! David has a great patience while demanding effort and detail! There is no one else; I would utilize with my athlete’s. David has worked with me, my staff and 120 of my athlete’s.

David demonstrates a true passion for teaching and gets my highest recommendation!! You will not be disappointeed!!
John Sisk: Head Strength Coach – Vanderbilt University (Nashville), TN

“If you are thinking of working with Dave as your online trainer,dont hesitate.I signed up for a three month program and increased my strength(doubled my previous C and P bests with double 32 kbs and the 40kg) and improved my endurance as well.He is easy to work with;will listen to your feedback and change the program if needed;and responds timely to emails.Be prepared to work hard if you are serious about your fitness-it will be time and money well spent”-Steve Fink

I have been practicing martial arts for over thirty five years. I am a sixth degree black-belt in Wado-Ryu Karate and a senior instructor for the Rickson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Association. About a year ago I had the good fortune to locate David Whitley and have him in for a seminar at my school. The workout and techniques he taught us seemed to be tailor made for my students and my needs. I was immediately hooked as were all the students who attended the class. I was so impressed that I added kettlebell training to our regular curriculum. David is extremely talented both as a teacher and as an athlete. I would recommend him to anyone.
Eric Silver-Zanshin Dojo – Nashville, TN Dragondoor.com review

“With minor adjustments to my form David Whitley had me lifting weight over my head way more than I thought I could. He was very easy to learn from, conveyed his teaching well. The results that I’m seeing just one day after his instruction are amazing. He is a very capable instructor. “-Dustin Lynch, EMT

“I’ve been enjoying KB’s for a couple of years. I got some instruction with my first KB and have relied on Russian Kettlebell Challenge and the internet for instruction since then. That’s been sufficient to have some solid fun fitness.

That said, I decided that it couldn’t hurt to have someone with real KB and teaching skills take a look at my technique. I had a business trip scheduled in Nashville and decided to invest in a session with Dave Whitley. It was well worth the investment. Sometimes little things mean a lot and Dave quickly and professionally provided me with solid suggestions that will definitely add to my KB experience. Dave gave me a great technique tune up.

Concidentally, I met with him on a day when he was having one of his boot camp sessions. It was the first time I’d seen some of Steve Maxwell’s mobility drills or one of Josh Henkin’s sand bags. I always considered a sand bag to be equipment for solo use and never thought about incorporating one into a group fitness experience but Dave put it together such that it was a lot of fun for the group. It was a valuable bonus to the technique tune up.”– Chip Diefendorf

“I think you are the best out as far as teaching and putting stuff together. I learn more from you in 4 hours than with 2 workshops with (name edited out, a very famous kettlebell instructor). You got me to snatch a 88. I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass. I have almost all the Dragon Door DVD and books. I just like the way you teach alot better than anyone else, and the 2 workouts you sent me were awesome.” -Brian Lattimer, DC

“Dave, I gotta let you know that I am seeing some good results.  I had a PFT this morning and I had a chance to really go all out and test myself on the events that I have been working on.  I got the 20 pullups that I have working for, did 90 crunches in two minutes, and ran 21:26 on the three mile run.  I am very surprised that I did as well as I did on the run.  In the past when I have worked very hard on pullups my run time has slowed down correspendingly.  That was not the case this time around.  I can see how the Turkish Get Ups(TGU) help out.  In the low numbers that I am performing them, practicing the TGU really let me push out more crunches than I have in the past.

I just found out today that I will be getting promoted to become a Segeant of Marines on the 1st of November. I wanted to send you this email to thank you once again for outlining such an effective training program that allowed me to improve my scores on my Physical Fitness tests. The promotion points that I gained from improving my PFT was a major contributing factor to getting promoted. To give you an idea of how our promotions are given… All Marines are given a composite score. When a Marines composite score is equal to, or greater than the “cutting score,” the Marine gets promoted. There are a certain amount of points awarded for Proficiency and Conduct(Pros/Cons) in the workplace, marksmanship skills, and physical fitness. There are other things that contribute to a Marines composite score to include college classes, time in grade, time in service, and a few others, but the PFT is almost always a “maker-or-a-breaker,” and is one of the top three scores that a Marine NEEDS to be proficient with if he expects to see timely promotion to keep a competitive career. In this case, it really made it for me. Thanks again for being able to accurately design a workout program that really worked for me!” -Thomas Buhls, USMC

“I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to this great new world of kettlebell training. What an experience! I truly thought I was in good physical condition until our first session yesterday. My lower body curses you with every step I take today. Not only was your instruction clear and understandable, your overall knowledge regarding anatomy and training is an additional benefit I was not expecting with my investment in your services. I will never hesitate to recommend you to any of my acquaintances who wish to improve their physical well being with this awesome training discipline”-Jody Haslam

I have known David for four years either through hands on instruction or through his internet/phone consultation. Through either method, his expertise, professionalism and knowledge of kettlebell training, nutrition and the human body is top notch. If you are looking for someone who cares about his product and the services he provides, David Whitley is your man. His personal experiences, integrity, and loyalty compliment the training package he provides. In my most recent experience, he developed a training program, designed for me, which far exceeded my goals and made me better. He does not cut corners and reiterates the importance of mind over matter. I would recommend David to any of my friends looking to improve their training or their life. Communication with him was simple—I call him, or email him, he responded within hours of my question. If I did not understand, an exercise, his oral and communication ability of instruction was easily understood, and I was able to accomplish the exercise in question. His level headed, no-nonsense approach to training is phenomenal, and I believe him to be a solid, future leader of functional training. Thanks David!

T. S. Little II – Yorktown, VA dragondoor.com review