Why should you become a part of Nashville Kettlebell?

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I’ve been training with Dave for a couple months now and I can definitely say that it is by far my most positive training experience. His class is hard work, but he keeps it really fun at the same time. And his class has yielded far more results than my typical gym experience – I lost three inches from my waist just during the few weeks of working with him. I recommend his class to everyone all my friends looking to lose weight or get more fit.
Melissa Taylor – Nashville, TN
I was referred to David by my chiropractor. I wanted to get strong and all I ever got was injured. Not any more. David’s number one rule is Don’t be Stupid. I have been in his bootcamp now for going on two years and had no sidelining injuries. He is a stickler for the correct techniques, so I feel comfortable pushing myself. He is extremely enthusiastic and encouraging to his students, as long as you are giving it your best effort. I have never been what I would call an athlete and this is the first time in my life I have come to enjoy working out and actually look forward to it, even at 6 a.m. His vast knowledge of all aspects of physical fitness contribute to the value I get from his class. I cannot reccommend it enough.
Mary Buckner – Nashville TN

Practice being scared was the first thing Dave told me when I asked about his bootcamp. I had participated in bootcamps before so I didn’t really pay much attention to him. But after my first workout, I put 100% of my faith in him. I’ve only been a part of his bootcamps for three weeks now, but I’m already addicted. Even though I leave exhausted every time we meet, I can’t help anxiously awaiting the next class. I wish we could meet everyday!  Thanks Dave. –Mandy – Ashland City, TN
I’ve been Kettlebell training with David Whitley sporadically for well over a year now, and I have recently committed myself to a full series. The effectiveness of this exercise regiment is truly unmatched, the experience will prove itself in the first class! I say this because nothing I’ve done before gives me the complete full body workout that this training offers. In the way of cardio, core strength, as well as physical and mental endurance. In one hour time I receive a workout that I really feel… For days! I am a professional in the heath care field, and I stand 100% behind David, as a professional himself, his method, and his approach to this concept… You may have noticed that I have rated David a 9, when everyone else has given him a 10. Although this really is just for a laugh, the reason for this score is because he can be a little mean, and blut sometimes. I LOVE IT! I just feel bad for the lazy and soft people in class, just don’t waste his time and the others, and he won’t waste yours. Hey, he’ll do whatever it takes, and that’s what you want, believe me! –Rich Penny ~ Founder of Balance Bodywork ~ – Nashville, Tennessee USA

David Whitley has been teaching kettle bell classes at our gym for several weeks. I have only seen a little bit of what he does in his classes but had never participated. My interests had been peeked after seeing David’s video clip on Utube. Last Thursday I was feeling less than motivated to begin my own work out so I invited myself to join David in his. Great work out! David is a very good teacher. He broke down the mechanics of each movement into small steps so that it was very easy to learn. I told my wife about our workout. She said “He beat you up with those big Iron Balls”? Thats right honey. – Great workout David. Thanks! Brian Cockerham, c.p.t. – Nashville, Tn.

I began training with David in July 2007. I was relatively active, but my body hadn’t been challenged in this way in years. The first few days were tough, but I stuck with it and I was amazed at how fast my body changed, and the stamina that I was able to build in only a short amount of time. I feel better than I have felt in years. Now I can really tell when I have missed a few days. David is an outstanding instructor. He is able to give individual attention while offering the support of a group environment. David instills discipline, while also keeping classes fun and entertaining. At only 45 minutes, David’s classes beautifully combine effectiveness and effeciency. I would highly recommend David’s classes to anyone who is serious about getting in shape and is ready to work hard and see amazing changes in their body!
Mary Alice Felder (www.maryalicefelder.com) – Nashville, TN

I’m pretty athletic and have always been pretty strong, but the training I received from David took my fitness to a different level. David’s training is hands down the best I’ve had for increasing functional strength and endurance. He’s great to work with and presents a great challenge. David, Thanks for my favorite workout ever!
Raquel – Nashville, TN
I had no idea what to expect when I started bootcamp. The first day, I was out of breath, out of shape and could barely finish. By the end of week four, I noticed a huge difference in my overall stamina throughout class and energy throughout the day. I even began to see that muscle line we all want in our upper legs. I have seen more changes with David’s Class in just a few weeks than I did with a whole year on the treadmill! Darcy – Nashville TN

David has recently started conducting Kettlebell classes at my personal training studio, Next Level Fitness. I have seen a large variety of athletes come to the class so my curiosity pushed me to see what it was all about. All I have to say is that it only took 20 minutes for him to prove the efficiency of what kettlebells have to offer! After detailed instruction on my form we went into a short but brutal 20 minutes of snatch intervals. With all my efforts I made it to our initial goal of 40, and then he motivated me even farther. At this point it is all I can do to type this breif but very well deserved review. If you want to challenge your body to see what it can really do, then David is the man to take you there.
Brian Bergeron – Nashville, TN
I have been using kettlebells under David’s instruction for over three years. Every time we train together I learn some new nuance to a technique I have been doing for years. No matter what question I have about kettlebells, David is quick to provide a complete answer. I have also sent many of my patients to him for kettlebell instruction as a part of their plan of care, all of them have recieved benefit from his teaching. David has my highest reccomendation.
Chad McClellan, DC – Nashville TN
I consider myself someone who is always experimenting and striving for self improvement. To that end, I have continually come back to David for instruction over the years that I have known him and have never been disappointed. David has a gift for moving people toward their full potential regardless of where they are in the scale of their fitness goals when they start. He has helped me tap into a vast reservoir of vitality and strength, all while improving my flexibility. I have experienced some of my best improvement working with David. I will never – let me repeat – NEVER go back to a static workout in the gym ever again.
Jesse – Nashville, TN

I have been a member of Dave’s class for over a year. He is an excellent instructor and manages to give a tremendous workout while keeping things fun. Dave is also able to scale things to anyone, no matter how good or bad their physical condition. The workouts are never the same and they are never boring.
Shane – Nashville TN

David and his class have gotten me in the best condition of my life so far — at age 35, I’m stronger and have more stamina than I ever have. The quality of instruction is superb, and David knows how to motivate people to give their very best efforts while ensuring that safety and good training principles are observed throughout. Highest possible recommendation — if you have a chance to work with David and don’t take it, you’re missing out on the most effective exercise of your life.-Doug H. – Nashville, TN USA