For most people Valentine’s Day is an excuse to hook-up and eat chocolate. Hey, sounds good to me too, can we be more creative than that? No, I am not talking about your private time together either.

Let’s mix it up a little this V-Day with a fun workout you can do in the comfort of your home with your significant other.

Members of the Nashville Kettlebell Bootcamp are no strangers to partner training. In case you don’t know what I am talking about, partner training is a workout that involves performing exercises with at least one other person. There are a lot of benefits to partner training, including:

1.)Support and Accountability
2.) Variety
3.) Better Results due to the shared experience
4.) It’s FUN!

So grab your luv-ah and show them WHY you look good naked!

The Valentine’s Day Workout for Couples

Since you may not have access to kettlebells outside of class ( they do make a great Valentine’s day gift though), this 20-minute total body partner workout can be done with either kettlebells or ONLY body weight exercises. For each exercise, you will alternate between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. You will repeat this 30-second sequence eight times for four total minutes followed by a one-minute rest and transition before moving on to the next station listed:

Station#1- Push-up
Station #2- Squat, with a kettlebell or just bodyweight
Station #3- Alternating Kettlebell Row or Bodyweight row with a towel looped over a doorknob.
Station #4- Kettlebell Swing or burpee

I have read that sweat-driven pheromones are one of nature’s most powerful aphrodisiacs… you tell me 😉

And of course, after the workout, you can cozy up next to each other in the hot tub and eat some post-workout chocolate.