If you have been reading my rants for a while you know that I often mention how people will begin a new year with the best intentions, then by mid-February they are right back in the same habits that got them overweight, out of shape and miserable in the first place. Super Bowl Sunday is usually the time the derailing begins. You’ve been pounding away for a few weeks, starting to see some results and figure “Hey, I deserve to take a little break.) This is the beginning of the end for 90% of the people who jump on the wagon every New Year’s Day.

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and now is the to start prepping for the buffet of goodies for your football party. Since you have been rocking so hard since January 1st, here is an idea: why not make a few tweaks to some of your favorite party food recipes to make them healthier for the kickoff? Keep that momentum rolling in your favor.

The following list has both approved food choices and/or healthier substitutes for traditional party foods. Use this list to satisfy your taste buds while saving at least hundreds if not thousands of calories in the process. This doesn’t just apply to football parties: If you use these strategies consistently for parties and social gatherings over the course of the year, you’ll finish this year leaner and stronger than ever.

Section I- Appetizers

· Naked Sandwiches (preferably bun-less, only use whole grain bun option if absolutely needed)
· Super Salad Bowl (use unlimited veggies and meats, dip dressing on the side or use low calorie substitutes)
· Tuna or Chicken Salad
· Nut Butter on Celery Sticks
· Raw Mixed Nuts (no sugar, low in salt)
· Cheese, Eggs, and Meat Tray
· Raw Veggies (use dip sparingly)
· Grilled/Sauteed Veggies (use extra virgin olive or coconut oil)
· Buffalo Chicken Bites (skinless, no breading, use low calorie buffalo sauce sparingly)
· Pasta Salad (use whole grain pasta and go easy on the dressings, choosing marina based sauces over creamier versions)

Section II- Accessories

· Natural Whole Grain Tortillas
· Natural Baked Chips
· Sugar-free Green Tea (or other low calorie/carb beverages)
· Water
· Natural Salsa
· Guacamole
· Salad Dressings: Vinegars of choice (apple cider, red wine, balsamic, etc.)
· Other Low Calorie Condiments of Choice: mustard, hot sauce, horseradish, etc.

Section III- Main Courses

· Burger salad – Simply cook up a bunch of seasoned lean beef or turkey (I like taco seasoning) and put it on your favorite salad base ( Mine is spinach)
· Rotisserie Chicken (choose “plain” and remove skin and dab off any grease as needed with paper towel)
· Chili (with or without beans, use extra lean turkey or beef)

Section IV- Desserts
· Fruit salad
· Prograde Cravers (100% organic chocolate snacks bars)

Stay on track!