Meet Dave

I want to thank you for coming to my website and wish you great fitness success.

I am David Whitley, Master SFG Instructor, CK-FMS, Pirmal Move National Coach and
professional performing strongman.

I reside and train athletes and individuals just like YOU in Nashville, TN.

What is an StrongFirst Master Instructor?

: StrongFirst™ was started by Pavel Tsatsouline who developed the RKC curriculum and led the RKC organization on the field. StrongFirst™ has preserved the best RKC standards and traditions and it continues to improve on them. As a previous Master RKC who chose to ‘Follow the Source” when StrongFirst was born, all Master SFG (StrongFirst Girya, the Russsian word for Kettlebell) have been chosen after demonstrating the highest levels of integrity, commitment, teaching skills, leadership and personal physical ability. Master SFGs are the only SGF instructorss with the authority to teach approved SFG certification workshops on their own.

What is CK-FMS?

It stands for Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist and it means that I am certified in Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen (a ranking and grading system scientifically created to document movement patterns that are key to normal function) and the corrective Kettlebell exercises that relate to the FMS.

I conduct Kettlebell workshops across the country and train clients in the Nashville area. I am also available for internet and phone consultation and personalized program design.

I have worked to help hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals. These clients include:Multiple College and Professional Football and Baseball Teams and the US Military. These are the exception however. Mostly I work with ordinary people who are sick of being overweight, out of shape and feeling like they are not experiencing life to the fullest. People who want to MOVE better, FEEL better and LOOK better.

I am the author of several Kettlebell DVDs including Kettlebell Basics: Deepening your Getup Skill.

I have appeared on several TV shows as both an RKC and a perfoming strongman and I have been interviewed for or featured in multliple publications including Iron Man Japan, the Wall Street Journal, Nashville Lifestyles, Nashville Rage, and have written articles for several magazines.

What is a performing strongman?atl105
As a performing strongman, I keep alive the old time tradition that dates back to Vaudeville and before. I get on a stage and perform feats of strength such as tearing phonebooks and full decks of cards, bending steel spikes, rolling frying pans, etc.

For info on workshops or strongman performances, please email me at