Often the third workout of the week in the Nashville Kettlebell Bootcamp is the most difficult and this week was no exception. This weeks Day Three consisted of three sections, one drill per section:

  1. Turkish getup, done in ladders 1,2,3 reps per side. 10:00
  2. Snatch or Viking Pushpress: 1:00 left, 1:00 right, 1:00 rest for 3 rounds. The pacing was medium for the first round (about 10 reps per side), fast for the second(16-18 reps per side) and slow for the third (6-8 reps per side) with rest happening ONLY in the overhead position. I called the cadence.
  3. Swings: We did these on the :20 work/:10 rest for between 8 and 12 rounds.

This is one of those that doesn’t look very tough on paper (or your computer screen) but there was a fair amount of high-quality cursing to be heard as the class plowed through. I didn’t get any video of it this time around, but next time I’ll film it. Rock on!