The past week has been a planned “off” week from any nutritional considerations. In short I have been eating like an American.

Well, not completely. About half the time I have eaten whatever I feel like, including cookies, sweets, etc. The rest of the time has been relatively nutritious.

I have been enjoying it, but I am amazed that I used to eat like this ALL the time. I haven’t stepped on a scale, mosly because I know that water retention and undigested food in the intestinal tract can cause an unrealistically high reading.

I am looking forward to getting back into a routine.

Training has been good. Fun but not brutal.

Christmas day I did thrusters w/24kg. 10 sets of 5/5 on the top of each minute. Finished off with a 5:00 set of snatches 40l/r, 10l/r, didn’t put the KB down.

Yesterday, 300 snatches in 17:30.

I got the Zhealth R phase and have begun looking at it, but have not put it into practice yet.

Revving up for 2008!