I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the Nashville Kettlebell program. Listed here are some of the most common things that come up and the general answer.

I am really out of shape and don’t know if I can keep up with the group. What should I do?

You should come to class! One of the things that I take great pride is being able to have variations in a workout that allows the very fit to exercise alongside the…uh…NOT-so-fit. Also, everyone in the group started somewhere and is supportive of new people, because they were new once too! It is a very encouraging environment. TOUGH- but encouraging.

How is Nashville Kettlebell Training Hall different from other gyms?

First of all, there is the kettlebell and the RKC system. We are the original kettlebell class in Nashville and I am one of nine Master RKC instructors in the world. No one else in the state (and very few in the country) has as much experience teaching kettlebells as I do.  If you want to know more about my credentials click HERE.

Second: I am a Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist . Because of this we incorporate the Functional Movement Screen into our programming, so that we can identify and deal with any problems you may have with your movement patterns,  so that you don’t get injured and can maximize your experience with us.

Third- RESULTS. To put it very simply, this program works. If you follow all the recommendations, you’ll get stronger, leaner and in better shape than you have ever been. You will also learn learn to move better.

Fourth- The group. We have an amazing collection of members who are all here for the same reason: to move, feel and look better.  Everyone is supportive and encouraging. We don’t tolerate negative attitudes.

Fifth-The money back guarantee. I am so confident in the program that I will assume all the risk. If you follow my system and don’t get results I will give you a full refund.

Because of all this, we are very different from a “gym”, both philosophically and in practice. This is the reason I use the term “Training Hall”. We also have the nickname “House of Hardstyle” because the RKC system is called a Hardstyle School of Strength.

Is the Kettlebell the only thing you use?

Our primary tool is the Russian Kettlebell and we use it for the majority of what we do.  We also use a few other tools. I am a strong believer that if you want the best information, you should get it from the source whenever possible.

Indian Clubs.  Our Indian Club system comes from Dr. Ed Thomas, who taught an RKC-Only Indian Club workshop in April 2010. This system is the combination of the original system that Dr. Thomas learned and developed and the FMS-based input of Brett Jones and Gray Cook.  The Indian Clubs we use are light (1-3lbs) and are meant for warm-up, recovery and joint mobility.

Battling Ropes. This is the original ropes system created and developed by John Brookfield. Before John’s Battling Ropes came on the scene a few years ago, no one was using this amazing tool. The ropes will help you  not only generate more power, but maintain the power over a much longer duration, developing an amazing level of endurance and caloric burn very safely.  I am NOT currently a certified instructor of John’s system, but I have been using them in my own training and have known John for years and he has encouraged me to go ahead and use them with my students. We are working getting John to Nashville for a Battling Ropes workshop later this year.

What are your hours and class schedule?

Evening classes meet at 5:30PM on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Noon class meets 12 noon on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Morning classes meet at 6:00AM on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Classes last about 40 minutes.  Sometimes holidays or travel schedule will change that slightly, but you’ll know well in advance.

Daytime hours for private and semi-private sessions are by appointment. We occasionally have workshops or bonus classes on weekends, check the schedule page for upcoming events.

Can I go between the different class times?

I want our program to work with your busy and often unpredictable schedule. For your convenience you can go to whichever time works for you on a particular day. I do ask that you let me know the most likely time that you will attend so that I can get a general idea of attendance. I only require that you stick to the number of workouts you have purchased, two times, three time or unlimited (up to 5) per week.

Where is Nashville Kettlebell located?

Our address is 944 4th Aveneue South, Nashville TN, 37210.

What about inclement weather?

In the winter sometimes we have icy roads. Check your local news, if Metro Nashville Schools are closed for weather, we will not meet. This is easier for everyone and keeps us from having to call or email each other to find out.

Can I try it out to see if I like it before I commit?

Absolutely! In fact That is the ONLY way we do things. On the HOME PAGE of this site is a form you can complete to get your free consultation and first class. If we find that we are a fit for each other,  you may be invited to be a part of our program.

Can I bring a friend?

Definitely! … Not only can you bring a friend, you absolutely should bring a friend! The highest compliment you can give me is to refer your friends and family. Word of mouth referrals from happy campers is a huge part of what keeps my business growing better and better.

Because of that I REWARD my customers for referring other people to class by giving discounts on your next month of camp.

Who are the Nashville Kettlebell instructors?

Most of the time it’s me (Dave). Occasionally I have to travel to spread the message of strength and when that happens one of my instructors steps in and cover class.  All of these folks are either RKC or HKC certified.

Why is that important? Because the RKC maintains the highest standard of instruction and integrity.

WARNING: The RKC has an extremely high standard and simply attending does NOT mean that you become certified. In fact, the failure rate is typically 20-30%. If someone says they have been to a RKC certification, be sure to check the list of instructors on Dragondoor.com to verify they passed the course.

We also work closely with Matt and Kristen McBryde ( both RKC certified) who operate Tennessee Kettlebells in the Cool Springs area.

What do I bring to the kettlebell class?

You will NEED:
– A water bottle and sweat towel
– Appropriate clothing ( see below)

What do I wear to the kettlebell class?

Wear comfortable, soft, loose clothing that allows you to move, but not so baggy  that it makes it difficult for the instructor to properly analyze your posture and technique during movements. Also wear shoes with flat sole.

How mush does it cost? How does the payment system work?

Currently we offer complete 3, 6 and 12 month programs in which we cover everything you need to know in order to get the best results possible from your fitness program. Some clients come to us for individual instruction and personal training and we also have clients that meet with us anywhere from 2-5 times/week in group kettlebell classes depending on their goals, motivation, and budget.

But all programs are generally a 3-6 month initial commitment and the investment runs anywhere from $250 to $350 per month depending on which options you choose and what’s best for you.

If you become a part of Nashville Kettlebell,you will be billed monthly, like a gym membership. This is set up to happen automatically each month, so that you can not have to worry about handing me a check each month and I can focus on making the class the best it can possible be.

What I have to miss a class or several classes?

I understand that things come up sometimes.  It is important for you to be committed and only miss a class when it is absolutely necessary, otherwise you won’t get the results.

How do I sign up?

Complete the form on the HOME PAGE to set up your initial consultation and get started!