Since Pavel and Dragon Door launched the world’s first-ever kettlebell instructor certification program in 2001, the classic RKC program has become the gold standard, now with over 1,200 certified instructors in over 43 countries. No one else even comes close. In fact, if not for the RKC, there would be no other kettlebell instuctor certifications.

But very often I hear that the price tag is too high and the investment of time too great for some people who are still “on the fence” about it. There is no entry-level kettlebell certification program that addresses these folks with the quality and standards that have made Dragon Door, Pavel and the RKC famous.

Until now.

Enter the HKC. The HardStyle Kettlebell Certification. An entry-level opportunity to build a superb and rock-solid foundation as a kettlebell professional and be a part of the world’s premier kettlebell instructor training system. Click HERE to find out all the details.