Iron Tamer Dave Whitley is a professional old-time strongman and motivational speaker based in Nashville TN. He first became interested in strength as a kid, reading comic books and dreaming of becoming super-human. Eventually that dream manifested when began serious study of the art of the old-time strongman and is currently Vice President of Oldetime Strongman University, dedicated to teaching feats of strength with Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers, his mentor.

He has performed all over the US as well as internationally in Italy, the UK, Czech, Australia and Korea. He was featured in the German documentary Kraftakt, a film about strength.

He performs around the world using feats of strength such as bending steel bars, bending spike and wrenches, tearing decks of cards and phonebooks, twisting horse shoes, driving a nail through a board with his hand, breaking chains and much more! He is the author of the book Taming the Bent Press, an instructional guide to old-school lifting.

The feats he performs are used as an illustration of the mindset needed to accomplish the impossible. His purpose is to inspire the audience to leave their limitations behind, find their own unique super-power and become the greatest possible version of themselves.